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Evergreen Life Limited is a Bermuda life insurance company. Its specialized Private Placement Variable Universal Life Insurance (“PPVUL”) and Private Placement Variable Annuity (“PPVA”) products are available to high net worth individuals.

PPVUL is a variable life insurance contract that is not offered to the general public but is distributed only through a private offering to qualified persons who are sophisticated investors and who have an interest in taking out a life insurance policy which contains underlying investment elements.

The Evergreen Life PPVUL provides policy owners with the following:

  • Tax free investment growth throughout the life of the policy
  • Greater investment flexibility than is available from institutions in the US
  • Capacity to access the cash value of the policy
  • A low policy cost structure
  • A double measure of asset protection provided by the general legislation in Bermuda together with a special Act passed for Evergreen in order to further protect the maturity payment of the policy.

U.S. laws have created a preferential tax status for investments in life insurance in order to encourage long-term financial security and estate planning. This includes the buildup of cash value and death benefits free of income tax and death benefits that may also be free of estate tax.

The Evergreen PPVUL policy has been developed to provide the most efficient combination of the tax advantages available through life insurance with maximum flexibility of investments.

Potential policyowners must be professionally advised.

PPVA is a variable annuity contract designed to provide annuitants with the following:

  • Tax-deferred long-term investment growth
  • Maximum investment flexibility
  • Low cost structure
  • Highest degree of asset protection
  • A wide choice of investment alternatives

PPVA is fully compliant with the relevant United States and International laws that enable the long-term investment growth of assets held within a valid annuity contract to grow on a tax deferred basis. PPVA is available only to qualified high net worth clients who are professionally advised.

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