Allan Rosenzweig, CEO and founder of Ibex Financial Services LLC (“IFS”), a company active in the field of asset-backed finance, has legal and tax degrees and has been admitted as an Advocate of the Supreme Court of South Africa.

Mr. Rosenzweig has considerable experience in the fields of international structuring and taxation, M&A, insurance, Pay TV and media technology. He is an extremely accomplished and proactive independent director and audit committee financial expert, presently on the boards of UTi Worldwide Inc., a U.S. public company listed on Nasdaq and Brait S.A., a company listed on the Luxembourg and Johannesburg Stock Exchanges.

He was admitted into the U.S. on the basis of “Exceptional Ability” and is sought after as a lecturer by investment banks, graduate schools, attorneys and accounting firms.

In 2005, at the request of a major international investment bank, he formed IFS, a premium finance asset originator and aggregator. IFS became the largest aggregator in the US, originating financing of life insurance policies with a face value in excess of $1.5 billion in less than 12 months.

Mr. Rosenzweig was Group Director – Corporate Finance, of MIH Group a multinational pay TV, internet and technology group listed on Nasdaq and active on 5 continents. He founded and was the senior partner of Intertax (Pty) Ltd (with Deloitte and Webber Wentzel as its minority partners), the leading international tax firm in SA at the time, giving complex advice to major international entities. Prior to that, he was an international tax advisor with Price Waterhouse.


Sharon Fisch is one of the original principal partners of Ibex Financial Services, LLC (“Ibex”), a company active in the field of asset-backed finance. She has legal and tax degrees and has been admitted as an Attorney in the South African courts.

During the nine years in which she lived in The Netherlands, Ms Fisch consulted in international tax, negotiated internationally with financial institutions, tax and national authorities and established and operated a Dutch head office company.

Ms. Fisch was a partner in Intertax (Pty) Ltd, an international tax consultancy, regarded as the market leader at the time in South Africa (and in which Deloitte and the largest South African law firm, Webber Wentzel had minority interests). Complex advice was given to multi-nationals in the negotiation and structuring of cross border transactions.

She was a tax manager and partner at Deloitte, where she structured acquisitions, advised on and structured the tax affairs of major corporate clients and lectured at seminars on various aspects of corporate tax.

Prior to that, Ms. Fisch was a lawyer at Andrew, Lister and Tucker Attorneys where the major portion of her time was spent on international client corporate litigation.


Brian Landau has significant experience in structured products, investment banking and investment research.

Mr. Landau began his career performing equity research analysis in the investment research department at Goldman, Sachs & Co. In this role, he carried out detailed financial analysis on numerous companies and communicated investment ideas to institutional clients. He then transferred to the investment banking department where he structured and marketed asset-backed transactions. In addition, he advised companies on the sale of assets.

Subsequently, he joined Morgan Stanley where he advised insurance companies and other institutions on asset strategies related to their loan and structured securities portfolios. He led the structuring and marketing of tax-related products, including an innovative cross-border securitization of Canadian bonds. Mr. Landau was instrumental in educating companies regarding the creation of loan origination programs. In addition, he arranged numerous joint ventures and raised capital for funds.

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